If someone describes themselves as a “book person”, they tend to refer be referring to fiction books. For most avid book fans, the ability to immerse oneself in a different world is one of the major attractions – but every once in awhile, non-fiction makes for a great complement to your usual reading habits. Here’s why.

#1 – Explore different perspectives

You don’t have to agree with a non-fiction book to find it enthralling. The ability to explore different perspectives and takes can enhance your worldview, round out your own knowledge, and even solidify your own opinions on matters of importance – whether you agree with the conclusions in the book or not.

#2 – Discover a real world you didn’t know existed

It’s not just fiction books that allow you to escape into another world; non-fiction books can provide this ability also, except you will obtain a glimpse into a world that actually exists – it’s just one you have never known about, or noticed, before.

#3 – Indulge your interests

Arguably the greatest benefit of non-fiction is that you can indulge a dearly-held passion, diving deep into a subject that has long fascinated you. This can provide an opportunity to immerse yourself in an unusual subject that is unlikely to be covered by fiction due to its rarity or speciality. In addition, you can enhance the experience by visiting a library’s unusual collection in-person in future, picking up a few books on the subject as you browse the collections – perhaps the options below might appeal to your love of the obscure?

Infographic Design By University of Southern California