If you’ve got old books lying around that you know you won’t read ever again, there are a few things you can do to make better use of them. Don’t just throw them in the bin, for heaven’s sake! Here are 6 things you can do instead of leaving them to gather dust or throwing them away.

Give Them Away To Friends And Family

Giving old books away to friends and family has a number of benefits. Not only do you get to introduce them to books that you once read and enjoyed, you also ensure that the author’s work is being put to good use! You could even introduce somebody you care about to the joy of reading and change their life forever with a great book.


Sell Them

Selling your old books on gives you a bit of extra cash to play with – cash that you could end up purchasing brand new books with! You could sell them using sites like eBay, or even put them on Facebook to avoid those pesky buyer fees. Alternatively, you could use a site like www.BuyBackExpress.com/sell-books/ if you want to make 100% sure that they sell and avoid as much hassle as possible. Why leave them lying around when you could have extra cash in your pocket?

Swap Them At A Book Meet/Table

Why not arrange a book meet, get other book lovers to bring old books, and then swap them with one another? This is a great way to save money and get some brand new reading done at the same time. If you don’t know anybody who loves reading like you do, there’s always the chance you will find a book swap table in a supermarket or another store. You can usually go up with a book of yours and swap for another book on the table.

Try Some Folded Book Art

If you want to try something different with this old book, why not try some folded book art? You could transform an old book into something attractive to decorate your home, whether that be a big love heart, a butterfly, a word, or even a name. There are all kinds of tutorials online to help you get started with this!

Donate Them

If you want to do some good, donate your old books to your favorite charity shop or cause. You can have peace of mind knowing that those books are now making a little extra money for something close to your heart.

Recycle Them

Finally, you could potentially recycle your old books. However, we recommend this one as a last resort, maybe if the book is pretty worn and unreadable. If the book is still readable, there’s bound to be somebody out there who would love to read it! Just do what feels right to you so you can make the best use of your old books.

Which of these 6 ideas are you going to try with your old books? Leave your own thoughts and ideas below!