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AngelFire Chronicles Book 3
Ami Blackwelder
Paranormal Romance, Angel suspense
Eloquent Enraptures Publishing
March 14, 2015
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After Kian is taken away from Ali, she and the other Angelfire must defend Manhattan on their own, while learning where Kian is and how to retrieve him.

Meanwhile, Kian is fighting his own internal and external demons deep within the cell of The Underground.

Will Ali and Kian finally find love or will Dumah destroy it all? Find out in the last book to the AngelFire Chronicles.

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1) Ali

Fall of senior year sped by so quickly, I could hardly believe everything that had happened. I became an angel, learned Angelfire Gifts, had both my best friends get too close to danger, and killed Dameon- then I lost Kian. Winter would be terribly cold.

Waking up each morning without Kian at my side or without his milky, musky smell persisting in the air felt odd and left a large vacancy in my heart. My eyes were often swollen shut from crying myself to sleep. I didn’t know if I’d ever see him again, and if it was up to Dumah I never would.

The morning after Sam returned home Mom contacted the police. Officer Wriley led the investigation and showed up at the front porch. I heard them talking in-between an ajar door as I stumbled downstairs in checkered pajamas, half-yawning.

“So, Officer Samuel Maney is here?” Officer Wriley asked again.

“Yes, safe and home. He is resting upstairs, but please come in and feel free to wait in the living room. I don’t want to wake him after everything he’s been through.” Mom said.

“I understand, Mrs. Maney. Thank you.” He tipped his cap and then a gush of cigarette air wafted into the room when he waltzed in with a crisp police uniform. He plopped onto the soft sofa and the three other officers followed.”

Still in PJs, I decided to sprint back upstairs and change. I caught sight of Sam’s head poking out of his door. “They downstairs?” Sam inquired impatiently.

“They? You mean your department? Yes, Officer Wriley and his team. They’re concerned about you. Anyway, Mom called them. She thought they should know,” I whispered.

His furrowed brows told me he felt differently. “I…I just don’t know if I can face them just yet. You know? All the inquiries about my disappearance and I haven’t yet processed it myself.” He raked his hand through his hair.



2) Ali

I gazed out the window and onto the streets recollecting the spot where Tommy Bachelor had fallen a year ago and how that simple event had changed the course of my life so dramatically—the course of the lives of everyone I knew and loved. But had I never been curious enough to research his death, I never would have found Kian. I guess I had to take the downs with the ups, though I wanted more than anything to make those downs disappear.

When the cheerleader clad in blue jeans and a tight crimson colored gap shirt giggled, my attentions drew back to the classroom. I heard Mrs. Crass say my name. I looked up with naive eyes, wide and inquiring. “Do you think you could follow along?” she said, shortly.

“Yes, Mrs. Crass, sorry.” My gaze wandered to the empty seat where Kian would have been had Dumah not kidnapped him, on the other side of the obnoxious cheerleader. I couldn’t help but imagine the worst for him, because I knew Dumah well now too. I’d never walk these halls without thinking of her or Dameon and how they somehow always found a way to hurt me.

When P.E. time arrived I felt relieved. It was just me, the track, and the soft air against my skin as I ran. The coach gauged my time, he had been impressed with me since Junior year. I’ve improved considerably. I tried to take comfort in the fact that I was a better version of myself—stronger.

Yet, I couldn’t help but miss everything I’d lost—my humanness, my innocence, my security. Losing Chris, Nathaniel, Jacob and Kian had just been icing on the cake. Even the relationship I had with my two best friends had utterly changed. We’d never just be the three girls who would never let anyone between us again. Michael wedged in between Jen and me, permanently altering her worldview. Molly would have to adjust, just like Jen would, to the fact that I had become Angelfire. How could we ever relate to each other as we once had? Demon chases, flying through the skies, and protecting humans with supernatural powers wouldn’t ever be something Mol and Jen could ever do. Still, we’d seen each other through everything.



3) Kian

I couldn’t believe I could see her. It had only been a couple of days, but it felt like an eternity. Yet, here she stood next to Krysta and two people I’d never seen before —one of them with a cell in hand—and in front a high end dance club named The Rock.

Four Fanged demons held me high up in the Norway Maple trees on the streets of Upper Manhattan and had given me a sedative before we left the underground. In my mind, I yanked myself out of the grip of the demons, but in reality I must have only bumped them because I still couldn’t budge anywhere they didn’t want me.

I yearned to yell her name, but the drugs kept me drooling and the duck tape sealed my mouth shut. If Ali would only look up.

“Watch carefully, Kian. I don’t want you to miss a thing.” Dumah’s grated voice reeked with jealousy. Jealous of what Ali and I had, and of what she would never have again with Dameon.

Suddenly, her dark, creepy, black wings swooshed over the bar, scaring the guests. In a mad dash for the streets, I overheard a couple of them swear they’d seen a giant bat. After she landed on the wood flooring, just feet away from the bar, a few Were encircled her. The Asian bartender closed his gaping mouth and scurried through the revolving door, leading into the dance club. I felt a slight power shift in Angelfire favor, but not enough to detour Dumah from whatever she had planned.

Ali’s guy friend just stared at the monsters in a plain expression. I didn’t know if he was frozen in intimidation or just had no feeling of fear at all. Seconds later, Dumah shot one of her arrows and as the wooden blade aimed for Ali, skidding across her shoulder blade, her male friend waved his hand and stopped the arrow in its track before it hit him.



Before the dawn broke for the next day, Dumah barged into my cell. Wiping sleep from my eyes, I realized I had only a few hours of rest. Her coarse tone beat dangerous words into my ear. “Before you deal with Sergio, I prefer you handle a few other problems.”

“What do you need me to do?” Goosebumps snaked from the nape of my neck down my spine with my question. I didn’t know if I wanted the answer.

“You’ll see soon enough. Get yourself ready.” My sister had a curious gleam in her eyes, as if the powers-that-be somehow shifted in her favor. Her look worried me.

Several Fanged yanked me from my cell down to the alleyway outside of The Edge. I guessed Dumah preferred the Fanged over Were to handle me because they generally had more Essence and they also had wings to chase me down in case I got any more ideas about escaping.

The dark flock carried me into the skies with black wings cascading about me. My tongue instinctually felt the tips of my teeth, which had sharpened because I killed Chris. A scar forever left on my body to remind me that not even angels are impervious to the darkness.

We traveled from Lower Manhattan where the dance club had been built, to the east. I could tell because of the change in architecture from high-rise skyscrapers to graffitied walls. Even people’s change in pace felt distinct, from business attire rushing to cross busy streets, to gangs clad in jeans and hoodies loitering around cafes.

When we landed on a red-bricked, squared apartment building, my brows quirked and my nose began to twitch vigorously. Four Fanged demons kept me on the roof with gripping hands at either side of me. Dumah peaked over the edge into the back alley with a couple more of her lackeys.

“What are we doing here? What is that smell?” I insisted, with my nose vibrating violently from the inside.

“Don’t you recognize the smell?” She smirked and pushed my head toward the ledge with her palm on the back of my neck. My body felt strained, but I dared not complain.



5) Ali

Lucianda barged through the back door into the living room with raven-black hair whooshing from one side of her to the other as she approached the sofa in a kind of Xena Princess Warrior fashion. She held her sword tight in hand and let the tip land on the arm of the sofa next to where Sergio sat. “I’ll take this one,” she said, with a gleam in her eye—something I hadn’t seen in her for awhile—since Jacob’s death.

“Take this one where?” Sergio’s body tensed.

“Take you home. You’re going to need protection, right? We can’t let you be a sitting duck for Dumah.” Lucianda added.

“Right.” Sergio met with her eyes, still hesitant, his chin tucked toward himself.

“You can trust her,” I said, “She’s got your back. She’s always had mine,” I reassured, and Sergio nodded.


The fledglings and I all left the mansion about the same time to return to our respective homes, all except Andre. I’d figured his place couldn’t be much to go home to anyway. Krysta accompanied Astrid. Lucianda walked behind Sergio with her sword swinging in circles. I heard Sergio complain, “Put that thing away before the cops stop us,” before they disappeared out of sight.

I decided to fly above the city, allowing my wings to expand to their fullest extent and enjoyed the rush of air between my feathers and over my cooling skin. Watching the movement of people below felt a bit like an intrusion into their private space, but I knew I’d have a better perspective way up there that would give me time to think.



6) Kian

We stared at each other for several seconds over the dinner table before Dumah broke the silence again. Her lips invited my betrayal. A part of me still hoped I didn’t have to do this, to betray her like this, but if I did not then I knew in the end she would only destroy me. Manipulation had to be my game now too.

“So, what secrets do you have to give me that could possibly be worthy of my own?” her sultry voice echoed.

“I know the name and location of the new leader of the Loco gang. The gang that raped you.” I clarified the reason as if she needed one, as if she’d forget that day, the day that changed her and me forever.

Her smile wrinkled into a contorted expression, neither up nor down, but somehow both, and revealing a few razor-fanged teeth. Her eyes became sharp points piercing into my own. Her mind withdrew somewhere into the past. “The Loco gang,” she said, more as a memory.

“I have the information memorized.”

“How?” she retorted coldly.

“I heard Sam mention it to Ali once.”

A grin grew from one corner of her shriveled lips, expanding her mouth as she responded. “This is a valuable secret indeed. Tell me his name now.” Her fist balled and hit the wood table.

“First, tell me, why do you want Sergio? And don’t tell me it’s because you need more fledglings for your army of Dark Angels.” My curiosity spiraled as my fingers wrapped unconsciously around the arms of the chair and tightened as if reassuring my position of strength. I wouldn’t move until I knew the truth.





     I knew Dumah too well to not fear her, and fear what she’d do if she found out about my betrayal to her, my secret exposé letter to Ali. I had to watch Sergio closely, make sure he’d stay loyal to Angelfire. I could only hope they’d given him enough reason do to so. Maybe the human part of him could hold up against my sister’s dark influences, maybe not. Maybe the demon inside him would consume him? Time would tell.

We flew through cloudy skies as we returned to The Edge. I used to feel free at the dance club, meeting Ali with her friends late at night. Now, the club only made me feel tense. As we landed, my wings brushed up against Sergio who was being held by two Dark Angels. Dumah glowed with brilliant satisfaction, something akin to a pregnant woman.

“Magnificent wingspan you guys have. Will I get my wings soon?” Sergio asked.

“When you’re ready,” I commented, and Dumah took the cue to speak for all her kind.

Dumah waved her hands in the sky as if she owned them, with her coal black wings billowing behind her in the cold winds. “I will teach you all you need to know to acquire your wings… your destiny awaits you inside these doors.” She opened the door that separated me from my freedom and descended with Sergio close to her side. For someone who grew up in the rich part of Manhattan, he handled the grubby scenery quite well.

“How long have you known about your Gifts?” I asked Sergio from behind, with a gang of Dark Angels about me.

He shrugged. “I think I’ve always had them, but recently they’ve become more powerful.” He eyed my bare chest and then looked at Dumah’s leather top, more of a bra to cover her during flying. I could see him putting two and two together, the effects of the wings on the body and our clothing.




Sunday morning, I sat in the cafe where I’d first talked with Kian last year. I recalled his face that day; so regal and yet so accessible, his hazel eyes and vibrant skin. Then, images of him from the Angelfire house just yesterday flooded my heavy mind. His skin looked so taut and pale, his face hid underneath growing stubble, his eyes so empty—and his lips—God, those lips with protruding teeth. A shiver rushed down my spine. Then I felt warm.

The seat where we all sat felt strangely warm, like Nathaniel took care of the place. The thought made me smile. As I surveyed the cafe, my eye caught the waitress who I remembered speaking to about Tommy Bachelor’s iPhone, the phone that took me down a spiral of events that completely changed my life.

“Ali! Long time, no see.” The waitress grinned from ear to ear and fixed her name tag. “So, what will it be?”

“Curly fries and mozzarella sticks, please.”

“Coming right up.” Her hair bounced behind her as she turned around and headed for the kitchen. Then, Krysta walked in with Andre, Molly, and Astrid, with a chime from the door. They aimed for the same table.

“Hope we aren’t too late,” Krysta commented and slid in next to me on my left. “This was a great choice for hanging out. Just like old times, almost.”

“You’ve all come here before?” Astrid asked in a timid voice, taking the end seat to my right.

Molly interjected. “Well, not Andre.” She elbowed him lightly before throwing her arm around his neck as the two sat side by side across from me. “Ali, me and Jen used to come here all the time. We loved the…” she said, eyeing the curly fries, “the curly fries!” She grabbed a few with her fingers and piled them into her mouth. “Ahhh!”




     Eventually we returned to the mansion, but I had to talk to Sam. If Wriley knew about the Dark Angels, then he knew more than we thought, and this could bad—real bad. Plus, we still could use some extra protection at the Angelfire house. So, after saying my goodbyes I headed to my other home.

Smells of beef wafted through the house. Mom insisted on trying out a new recipe for dinner and wanted an early start. Neither Sam nor I could complain. We loved homed cooked meals and after the morning I had, I could really use a nice evening.

“How you doing, Ali?” Mom made sure to catch me before I skipped upstairs.

“Good, I’ll see you later at dinner okay. I have a lot of homework.”

“Okay, just don’t go missing,” Mom joked, and I knew she had slowly—in her own way—come to terms with all the crazy madness of the past.

Upstairs, I headed for my brother’s room. I could usually find him there on Sundays. This time his door was shut. I found that odd, because he always kept his door open. When I got to the door, the knob wouldn’t turn. Locked. I laid my ear against the wood and listened.

Sam spoke to someone. “Are you sure?… What do you mean, there was a clip of it on TV?… Yeah, I’ll turn it on now.” I heard Sam rustle with the television dial and then I heard a reporter’s voice. I banged on his door.

“Sam, it’s me. Let me in. It’s important!” The door sprung open and my eyes immediately drew to the screen with a blurry image of a Were. “What the heck is that doing on the television? How?!” My face contorted.






When I heard my name, heard her say my name, I knew instantly I could not resist or hold back for anything. She gave me the sign I needed. I could pinpoint where she was from that sound and be sure not to hit her with my ice should firing occur.

As I took a few steps forward, fumbling in the dark, the speck of light from the candle began to make things clearer.

The image of the silhouette I’d seen formed more crisply and had become the young woman I loved. Yet, around her fragile body stood the monster I had fought to free myself from day after day.

My wings pushed up involuntarily, as if waiting for the call from Ali to fly. Hearing her voice, they could not contain themselves. They fluttered a few times as I glided over the floor. Then I had perfect sight of her.

I heard my love say, “You’re alive,” as a few tears trailed down her cheeks. I felt her heart pulse faster and faster.

“Ali,” I called to her, freezing in the center of the room with Ali at the other end, because I saw Dumah’s hands twist and Ali’s face wince. My sister would not just let me leave with Ali. She would try to kill us all, or die trying.

Caught between my past and future—my sister and my love—I didn’t know what to do. If I advanced, Dumah could dig her nails so deep into Ali’s neck that her vessels would just pop and she could bleed to death, would bled to death. I’d seen that kind of death before.

But if I hesitated any longer Dumah could still kill Ali, or run deeper into the lair with her, where she’d be backed up by other Dark Angels. I’d have a much more difficult time freeing Ali then. I had to make a decision, or rather Dumah made the decision for me, forcing me to move.

My wings flapped as I sailed across the rest of the floor, her face —Ali’s face—coming more and more into view as Dumah twisted tighter.


About the Author:

2012-05-05 10.30.13Ami Blackwelder is a Paranormal and SciFi author. Her stories range from Tween & YA to Adult. Growing up in Florida, she graduated UCF and in 1997 received her BA in English and additional teaching credentials. Then she packed her bags and travelled overseas to teach in Thailand, Nepal, Tibet, China and Korea. Thailand is considered her second home now.

She has always loved writing and wrote poems and short stores since childhood; however, her novels began when she was in Thailand. Having won the Best Fiction Award from the University of Central Florida (Yes, The Blair Witch Project University), her short fiction From Joy We Come, Unto Joy We Return was published in the on campus literary magazine: Cypress Dome and remains to this day in University libraries around the USA.

Later, she achieved the semi-finals in a Laurel Hemingway contest and published a few poems in the Thailand’s Expat magazine, and an article in the Thailand’s People newspaper. Additionally, she has published poetry in the Korea’s AIM magazine, the American Poetic Monthly magazine and Twisted Dreams Magazine.