Vampire Sex (Buck Tanner's FAQs, #1)Vampire Sex by Buck Tanner
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So you’ve read books about sexy vampires and have seen movies or the television shows that make you want a sensual vampire experience of your own. Does a gorgeous, tall, brooding over-protective vampire sound good? Well then Eternal Love Tours will help you find one just for you by guiding you through the exciting process of getting to have sex with a vampire. Hmm…but what if things are not as advertised and are definitely not as sexy as you hoped for?

VAMPIRE SEX is a funny, quick, entertaining read that takes you Transylvania where vampires are a little different from the ones in your favorite Paranormal Romance novels. It follows the steps needed to prepare you to meet your vampire, and answers any questions and FAQs you may have during the process.

I recommend this book/story to those who enjoy a fresh and fun read.

I will definitely read the rest of the FAQs book by Buck Tanner.

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