Please welcome author Tessa Dawn!

LLBR: I have always loved vampires and your book has a very different and interesting take on them. Where did the idea come from and what about your vampires do you think will surprise readers the most?

TD: Thank you.  The overall idea came from a documentary I watched many years ago about an ancient society that sacrificed females until it went extinct (how horrible…and STUPID…is that! :-)) I wanted to explain the origin of my vampires and to have a strong basis for the Curse. I think what might surprise people about my vampires is their dual nature: the fact that they are predators first with some very feral instincts, yet they also deeply value family, community, and honor. I also really wanted to get away from the “undead” concept: My vamps are not dead humans that have been reborn.  They are an ancient, separate species with an origin and afterlife. That seems like a minor distinction, but it’s not. It challenges me (and ultimately readers, too) to perceive a different moral code, social context, and behavioral motive for what the males can and cannot do…realistically. For example, where a human might have “thou shalt not kill” hard-wired into their moral DNA, a predator (such as a lion) would not perceive the death of a challenger as killing.  As predators, neither would my vamps. It forces me to step outside the box.

LLBR: Who is your favorite character any why?

TD: Ah, good question, but I can’t answer it…yet. I have been asked this in several interviews and have kept it a secret because I don’t want to influence my readers.  Also, I think at some point, I’m going to have a contest with a few clues to see if readers can guess.

LLBR: How about favorite author?

TD: I have several favorites.  I like Anne Bishop and JR Ward.

LLBR: How many books do you expect to be in this series?

TD: The original plan was to write five; however, as more “prominent” characters emerge, I may consider expanding the number.

LLBR: Without giving anything away, what can readers expect from future books in this series?

TD: The same treatment of good verses evil, personalities containing both light and shadow, family loyalty, and danger. I’m not going to pull back on the portrayal of difficult issues (like death, deception, and tragedy), but I’m also going to continue to add bits of humor and spiritual “awakening” throughout.  Hmm, that all sounds very good…easier said than done.  Perhaps I should have said, “I’m going to try…”

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with me!

You’re welcome! Thanks for having me.

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