In HARD BITTEN by Chloe Neill, many humans are no longer happy having vampires in their city of Chicago. To further degenerate human/vampire relations, an incident involving vampires and humans gets the attention of militants and Mayor Tate. Merit must now get Mayor Tate off of Ethan’s back but where her investigation leads puts everyone in even greater risks. The GP becomes involved and makes her job as Sentinel that much harder.
Merit has grown a lot in this book in all her roles: woman, vampire, Sentinel etc. I liked Ethan before but I really liked him in this one. Ethan is saying and doing all the right things to try to get back in Merit’s good graces but for her, the fear of getting hurt again may be too strong.
Okay (deep breath), I finished HARD BITTEN last night and I am a little emotional. The fact that I read it all in one day speaks volumes. There was a good flow to the plot. The way Chloe Neill writes makes you feel less like you are reading and more like you are watching a movie. I was completely captivated by the tale she wove. Towards the end of the book my allergies made reading hard (Disclaimer: Seasonal allergies at 1130pm while snuggled in bed with windows closed are not unheard of :)). I did not see the ending coming at all. I even dreamt about it though, my ending made me happier :). I am sad and upset but….completely intrigued. I think there is much more to come and I do trust the author on this one. I can’t say what I think will happen as I am likely wrong :), but I am not going to ruin the fun for every one else. So for now all I will say is, * stands up and claps * Good job Ms. Neill, good job.
I think a reread of the series is in order…
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